Muk Yan Jong (木人摏)


Muk Yan Jong, or wooden dummy form, is taught in a unique way in the Wong Shun Leung method of Ving Tsun Gung Fu. 

After Cham Kiu, the first sixty (60) movements of the Jong are taught, as they represent the most often used concepts in a real fight. Next is taught the Biu Ji form and after this is understood, drilled in and the student is deemed to be highly proficient in Chi Sau and has a well developed understanding of Ving Tsun theories and concepts, then the rest of the movements of the Jong are taught, as these movements mostly represent the concepts behind the Biu Ji form.

The "Jong" is thought of as a bunch of recovery movements, when one is taught, if an error is made, then it shows how to recover in the most direct, simple and efficient manner.

The "Jong"brings together all the concepts that have been developed in the three (3) empty hand forms and refines then even further.