Biu Ji (標指)


Biu Ji, or the Pointing Finger form, is the third empty hand form of the Ving Tsun system.


Bui Ji is very different in its ideas from the first two forms.


Under normal combat circumstances where we are in control,  Biu Ji would not need to be used, but under conditions where things go hopelessly wrong then it can be thought of as clusters of concepts to be used under emergency conditions. Biu Ji is not meant to come out a winner, but to cut one's losses and survive. Biu Ji is used if one is outnumbered, if one is against  some one who is far stronger, faster, or more mobile than yourself or if you have been injured.


Biu Ji is not how you would normally conduct yourself in a fight, but when confronted against extraordinary circumstances.  It supplies you with the tools and concepts you need to deliver in these situations.