Baat Jaam Do (八斬刀)


The last form in the Ving Tsun system or the eight slash knives.

According to Wong Shun Leung, there is no clear explanation as to why this was called the eight slash knives. This form is made up of nine (9) sections. There were only ever four (4) people who learnt the knife form from Yip Man, and Wong Shun Leung was one of them.

The idea here is not to apply the forward springy force (Lat Sau Jik Jung), as to lunge forward and stab into the opponent would render you to be counter stabbed or cut, but to maim the adversary's wrist or forearms.

The concepts of stepping and applied theory differs radically from the empty hands and as such is only taught at a level where the student is already highly proficient and most trusted.